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ZhuHai KamHeng Electronics Devices CO., LTD is a technological innovation integrating research and development, production and marketing, and after-sales service Type of company. Company focused on research and development of high-precision labeling machine, high precision, online printing labeling machine, sticker machine online reading code sorting machine, the CCD visual inspection machine, automatic dispensing machine, high-end call screws, transmission system and other standard and non-standard automation equipment manufacturing, engineering and automated production lines and systems integration. It is suitable for mobile phone, electronics, logistics, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, hardware, plastic, electric appliance, toys and other industries.

Company not only has the research and development manufacture automatic equipment professional technology, also has a manufacturing process to improve the professional talents, can according to customer requirements, according 

to the characteristics of customers products make systematic process improvement plan. To enable customers to achieve automatic production while upgrading the whole system, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency and quality. The company has CNC machining center, wire cutting machine, milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, grinding machine, such as manufacturing processing equipment, formed a complete production and processing capacity, strong for the companys production needs and provides a reliable guarantee for the quality of the product.

In line with the principle of "professional, thick and honest", the company provides professional planning and design and high quality automation equipment for customers. We have established long-term cooperative relations 

with many famous enterprises and listed companies, and warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, inspect and negotiate business. 

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